This is NOT a usability test

UX Fail - Question gives the exact steps needed to complete task

We were recently exploring the new updated Certified HealthIT Product List (CHPL) site ( ) was were shocked that as of today (Jan 11, 2017) there are only 3 Health IT vendors that have products that have been Safety-enhanced Design certified for the ONC 2015 Edition.

We're glad that for most EHRs the usability test performed as part of their certification is posted on the website of the certifying body (eg, Drummond, Infoguard, etc)

BUT, when we examined the most recent EHR to be certified:

eNotes by eMed solutions llc

(See for the full report) We were shocked that this study was ever certified.

Take a look at the image attached above. How can this be a usability study when the instructions tell the participant EXACTLY what to do? No wonder most of the tasks have a 100 percent task competition with little or no deviations. Some tasks, however, have an 80 percent rate. Maybe this system isn't all that easy to use after all. If you tell people exactly what to do and only 80 percent of them can complete the task, something is wrong.

The usability of health it is a serious matter. Yes it can be a matter of life or death that these system are properly evaluated for usability. Usable health it = #SafeHealthIT

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