Greenway EHR Leads in User Satisfaction Among Primary Docs

Greenway Health is the leading electronic health record vendor for user satisfaction among primary care physicians, according to a survey by Black Book Market Research, FierceEMR reports (Durben Hirsch, FierceEMR, 9/1).

More than 3,000 primary care practices participated in the six-month survey, which asked EHR users about various topics, including:

  • Clinical productivity;
  • Computerized physician order entry;
  • Interoperability; and
  • Practice administration.

Top Vendor Findings

According to the survey, Greenway had the highest aggregate consumer satisfaction across 18 metrics (Murphy, EHR Intelligence, 9/1). The vendor was rated highly for its:

  • Administrative processing (FierceEMR, 9/1);
  • Care coordination support;
  • Interoperability (Murphy, EHR Intelligence, 9/1); and
  • Patient data management capabilities.

Greenway also received the highest satisfaction scores among the general practice and family practice PCP subsets.

Amazing Charts ranked first in the geriatrics subset, while PCC ranked first in the pediatrics subset.

Overall EHR Satisfaction Findings

According to the survey, overall EHR satisfaction rates varied.

For example, 70% of PCPs who implemented their first EHR before 2012 were satisfied with their systems, compared with 14% of PCPs who had implemented their EHRs in the last 24 months (FierceEMR, 9/1).

Meanwhile, 68% of PCPs employed by a hospital said they were satisfied with their EHR systems, compared with 20% of independent PCPs.

Satisfaction also varied based of the levels of training PCPs received, according to EHR Intelligence.

EHR Adoption, Replacement Findings

Solo practice PCPs still lag on adopting EHRs, according to Black Book Managing Partner Doug Brown.

The survey attributed lagging adoption in part to EHR configuration. Specifically, it found that:

  • 91% of independent PCPs said their EHRs are not properly configured for their practice, compared with 13% of employed PCPs; and
  • 35% of solo PCPs said they have seen fewer patients after implementation, compared with less than 7% of hospital- and large group- employed PCPs (Murphy, EHR Intelligence, 9/1).

Meanwhile, 84% of PCPs considering or undergoing an EHR system replacement said they are prioritizing vendors that provide big data analytics and population health management tools (Bresnick, EHR Intelligence, 9/1).

Source: iHealthBeat, Wednesday, September 2, 2015

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