The EHRA updates their code of conduct - Here is the section about Usability

Established in 2004, the Electronic Health Record (EHR) Association is comprised of companies that supply the vast majority of operational EHRs to physicians’ practices and hospitals across the United States. The EHR Association operates on the premise that the rapid, widespread adoption of EHRs will, as a key enabler of healthcare transformation, help improve the quality of patient care as well as the productivity and sustainability of our healthcare system.

They have recently updated the EHRA code of conduct. Here is the section on usability from the EHR Developer Code of Conduct V2:


  • We are committed to using both a quality management system (QMS) and user-centered design (UCD) and usability best practices in our development and implementation processes, engaging our users throughout as appropriate. We will share with users and prospective users, upon request, what UCD and QMS standard or standards we follow.
  • In designing and developing our solutions, we utilize team members who are experts in usability, and we support ongoing internal education on usability techniques and research.
  • We provide users with opportunities to participate in the design and refinement of our products and give feedback. Such opportunities may take many forms, such as formative and/or summative usability testing, focus groups, users’ group meetings, client surveys, and/or ethnographic research.
  • We will make available to our clients guidance, informed by usability perspectives, on best
    practices in relation to implementation and configuration of our products.

Where can you find information about the Code of Conduct?
The EHR Developer Code of Conduct is publicly available on the EHR Association web site. The website also provides guidance on implementation.

Access to find the Code and additional information

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