EHR Use Associated With Quality Performance Benefits

More than 80% of health IT users have experienced some type of quality performance benefit as a result of electronic health record adoption, according to survey by the Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society, EHR Intelligence reports.

Details of Survey

The survey included responses from EHR users who have been recognized as:

  • HIMSS Stage 6 or 7 users; or
  • Davies Award winners.

Researchers sought to determine how EHR user experiences aligned with the HIMSS STEPS Model, which measures health IT value on categories, including:

  • Electronic information and data;
  • Patient engagement;
  • Population management;
  • Satisfaction;
  • Savings; and
  • Treatment and clinical outcomes (Heath, EHR Intelligence, 1/11).

Survey Findings

Overall, 88% of respondents cited at least one positive outcome as the result of EHR use. Meanwhile, 83% reported benefits in clinical staff quality performance (HIMSS release, 1/11).

The most common category where respondents saw benefits was treatment and clinical outcomes. Most respondents who experienced such benefits said EHR implementation improved clinician efficiency by:

  • Allowing clinicians to share information; and
  • Reducing duplicative testing.

The survey also found that nearly:

  • 80% of respondents who tracked savings from EHRs said they have seen positive savings;
  • 60% of all respondents have seen an increase in patient portal use; and
  • 50% of all respondents said their organizations have had a positive experience with interoperability.

Meanwhile, the survey found that nearly 44% of nurses reported positive effects from EHRs, while just 29% of physicians reported benefits (EHR Intelligence, 1/11).

Source: iHealthBeat, Tuesday, January 12, 2016

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