Wearable Device Market Sees Huge Boost in Q2 2015

The total shipment volume for wearable devices in the second quarter of 2015 increased by 223.2%, compared with Q2 2014, according to a new report from the International Data Corporation, MobiHealthNews reports.

Report Findings

The report found that 18.1 million units of wearables shipped in Q2 2015, up from 5.6 million units in Q2 2014.

In terms of companies' market share, the authors found that Fitbit led with 24.3% of the market in Q2 2015. Fitbit was followed by:

  • Apple, with 19.9% of the market;
  • Xiaomi, with 17.1% of the market;
  • Garmin, with 3.9% of the market; and
  • Samsung, with 3.3% of the market.

Other devices made up the remaining 31.5% of the wearables market, according to the report (Pai, MobiHealthNews, 8/31).

The authors noted that Apple -- which began selling its wearable product this year -- shipped 3.6 million units in Q2 2015, compared with 4.4 million units shipped by Fitbit (IDC release, 8/27).

In a statement, IDC Research Manager Ramon Llamas said, "Anytime Apple enters a new market, not only does it draw attention to itself, but to the market as a whole," adding "Its participation benefits multiple players and platforms within the wearables ecosystem" and "forces other vendors -- especially those that have been part of this market for multiple quarters -- to re-evaluate their products and experiences" (MobiHealthNews, 8/31).

Source: iHealthBeat, Tuesday, September 1, 2015

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