Maximizing Multi-Screen Engagement Among Clinicians

Today’s digital omnivores express a preference for mobile screens across all professional tasks – an important behavioral shift that has potential to dramatically shape the way developers, content providers and marketers engage with clinicians as the three-screen workflow becomes the norm. As physicians and other healthcare
professionals continue to shift their work-related tasks to mobile devices, they must overcome technological hurdles challenging them from completing some of their most important tasks, namely interacting with electronic health records and recording clinical notes in patient records.

With the Affordable Care Act already in effect and implementation of key provisions impacting clinical workflows scheduled for 2014, mobile screens are poised to play an even more critical role in providing convenient access to information and helping to ease communications among colleagues and healthcare facilities. The second annual Epocrates Mobile Trends Report examines the rapidly changing use of mobile technology by healthcare professionals. Mobile devices continue to transform the work lives of physicians, nurse practitioners and physician assistants, with more than four in five using smartphones every day. More than half of physicians affirm daily tablet use, as do about two in five nurse practitioners and physician assistants.

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