HHS Launches Meaningful Consent Online Resource

Today ONC released new online tools [ http://www.HealthIT.gov/meaningfulconsent ] to help providers and Health Information Exchange organizations (HIEs) educate patients about the electronic sharing of their health information.

About Meaningful Consent

Meaningful consent [ http://www.healthit.gov/providers-professionals/patient-consent-electron... ] occurs when the patient makes an *"informed"* decision and the choice is properly recorded and maintained. ONC's new Meaningful Consent resources provide strategies and tools that can be used by health care providers to engage and educate patients so they can make an informed decision.

As part of the resources, users will find background information about Meaningful Consent, practical implementation tips, videos, and customizable
tools from ONC's eConsent Trial Project. The educational materials and tools are now available for download and customization at eConsent Toolkit
[ http://www.HealthIT.gov/econsenttoolkit ].

Fostering trust in new technologies is integral to the successful adoption of health information exchange. Effectively informing patients and providing them with options for how they would like to participate are important means of fostering this trust. Read more on the new "Health Affairs " blog [ http://healthaffairs.org/blog/2013/09/17/meaningful-consent-in-electroni... ] published today.

Meaningful Consent webpage [ http://www.healthit.gov/meaningfulconsent/ ]

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