CureMD to Showcase Its Advanced Oncology EHR at ASCO 2013

CureMD: is it Usable?

CureMD announced today its plans to create a new technology paradigm in the Oncology field by offering medical oncologists and their staffs an affordable Cloud Based solution to automate all clinical, administrative, and financial aspects of their busy practices.

In their press release they mention "We are excited to bring unprecedented functionality to practicing medical oncologists at a fraction of the cost previously required to automate the documentation of their daily workflows. The Cloud allows us to bring this possibility to the marketplace. I am proud of the Kabot-CureMD development team which has worked hard over the past year to bring this possibility to the marketplace.”

There is no mention of Usability testing or User-Centered design, so it is not clear if this cloud-based EHR solution would qualify for Stage 2 Meaningful Use funding.

Read the entire press release at:

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