Box adds 10 healthcare app partners, becomes HIPAA and HITECH compliant to bolster industry offering

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Cloud storage service Box is diving deeper into the healthcare space. Recently the company shared that it has added 10 new healthcare application partners to its platform to help respond to industry-specific challenges. In addition, to further gain acceptance by companies in this space, Box is sharing that it is now both HIPAA and HITECH compliant and is signing Business Associate Agreements with its customers.

With more than 600 healthcare and life science customers using Box, the company is looking at a future where it can play a key role in becoming one of the secure, content collaboration platforms for the industry.

Box’s 10 new healthcare platform partners are essentially apps built leveraging the company’s API. Each app falls into one of four categories:

Clinical documentation:
drchrono and Umbie DentalCare

Care coordination:
TigerText, Doximity, Medigram, and PostureScreen Mobile

iMedViewer, iPaxera, and Medi-Copy

Access to care:

Read the company press release here:

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