Best EMR companies in the US

MedcityNews recently posted an article detailing the best EMR companies in the USA. Their webpage seems to lock up in several of our browsers, so we've cut/pasted it here so that you can read it without having technical issues...

Healthcare organizations and physicians are invariably looking to meet regulatory requirements in 2014 in order to be better equipped to deliver accountable care, maximize revenues and improve patient lives.

While 2013 was a year of EHR adoption, this year is going to be all about EHR switch. As per recent researches, most of the US physicians are unhappy about their current systems and will be looking to upgrade them. However, it is easy for physicians to be perplexed about selecting the best EMR vendor out there in the market. Let’s discuss some of the best EMR companies in the United States which you can look to partner up with to meet your health IT requirements.

One of the most experienced EMR vendors on the market, the New York-based CureMD serves over 100,000 users through its EMR, Practice Management and revenue management solutions. It caters to over 30 specialty workflows and has a fully customizable, integrated and cloud-based package. In addition to the basic package, it offers enterprise scheduling, intelligent billing, workflow management, KPI dashboards, e-Prescribing, clinical alerts, device connectivity, iPad app and patient portal.

Amazing Charts
A provider of EMR solutions, Amazing Charts has been consistently making the waves amongst some top-ranked EMR vendors in the market. However, as per KLAS Research, it has had problems of its own. Amongst some of the biggest user concerns are no partial licensing options and specialties templates that are not really meant for specific specialties. Users also complain of the system being old and the company not doing enough to keep it up to date with industry innovations.

Athena Health
Arguably the biggest EMR vendor out there in the market revenue-wise, Athena Health offers a completely cloud-based EMR, practice management and business analysis. However, like all other vendors, Athena Health has its own weaknesses as well. Users commenting as per KLAS Research data say they are frequently charged for every minute service offered, making it a very expensive solution. Users have also complained of usability issues as the interface is becoming more and more complex.

Another EMR, practice management and billing vendor which has consistently received good reviews from regulatory bodies. However, customers have plenty of complaints from the system. As per KLAS data, the system suffers from plenty of bugs and poor response time. While e-MD says it is certified for Meaningful Use Stage 2, users frequently complain that their Stage 1 attestation is still pending. On a more advanced level, lab integration is still a problem for them while some customers also doubt about e-MDs ability to innovate

GE Healthcare
Another big EMR vendor in the market, GE Healthcare provides EMR and practice management solutions. With a huge financial backing of a large corporation like General Electric, GE Healthcare has reported profits of almost $300 million and caters the healthcare industry with over 20 products. However, it has some downsides as well. Users of GE Healthcare believe the system is not custom designed for practices and the company is doing little on the development side as well.

These were some of the noticeable EMR vendors in the market. If you are still confused about which solution is the best for you, feel free to leave a comment below and we will try to answer it as soon as possible.

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